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Are Microphlebectomy Procedures Covered by Insurance?

Health Insurance, Varicose Veins and Microphlebectomy

Varicose veins can be a frustrating issue. On the one hand, they can be fairly unsightly and may cause you to feel uncomfortable letting them show. On the other hand, they can be far more than cosmetic. Varicose veins can cause significant pain. They can limit activity and negatively affect your quality of life.

Many patients find relief from varicose veins through a procedure called microphlebectomy. This outpatient procedure involves removing surface veins using very small incisions (just a few millimeters apiece) and can be done using only local anesthesia. Recovery is minimal, as well. When sclerotherapy isn’t a workable solution, microphlebectomy often is.

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Many patients we talk with are concerned whether their insurance provider will cover microphlebectomy procedures. We can’t speak for all insurance carriers, but we’ll give you some general guidance on this question below.

How to Discuss Microphlebectomy with Your Insurance Provider

It’s wise to find out whether your insurance provider will cover microphlebectomy or whether you’ll be paying out of pocket. Here’s what we recommend. First, call Siragusa Vein and Laser to learn as much as you can about the procedure. Understanding whether the procedure is medically necessary in your case could make a difference with your insurance provider.

Next, we recommend calling your insurance provider and discussing your coverage levels for this procedure. It’s always best to determine what insurance will and won’t cover before undergoing a procedure, and only your individual carrier can guarantee whether a procedure is covered.

Generally speaking, most insurances will cover microphlebectomy procedures only when they are deemed medically necessary. Since microphlebectomy can be done for cosmetic procedures alone, you may meet with some resistance. If you are a patient who would see real medical benefit from the procedure (such as relief from debilitating pain or blood pooling), make sure your insurance company understands that this is the case.

It’s also worth noting that many patients do come to us expecting to pay out of pocket. Compared to some other cosmetic procedures, you may find the cost of microphlebectomy to be quite reasonable.

How Much Does Microphlebectomy Cost on Average?

Pricing for microphlebectomy procedures can vary both by location and by diagnosis. Not every case of varicose veins is identical. Some patients come to us with mild symptoms, while others arrive with legs in poor condition. The costs vary between mild and severe cases.

Please note that we cannot offer pricing over the phone for this reason. However, due to coronavirus concerns, patients may schedule a telemedicine appointment. In these cases, we can remotely diagnose the severity of the problem and can offer pricing information in the context of an actual telemedicine appointment.

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