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Best Nashville Vein Treatment Options For Active People

Varicose veins develop when blood becomes “trapped” inside the leg veins instead of moving up to heart. You may think that this kind of vein problem only occurs in unhealthy individuals, but you’d be mistaken. Anyone can develop varicose veins in Nashville—even people as fit and active as athletes.

Why might varicose veins develop in active Nashville residents?

Although women, people who are overweight, and those with a family history of vein disease are more prone to developing varicose veins, any kind of extra strain you put on your veins can lead to vein problems. Many active people may experience throbbing or aching in their legs after a workout. Avid running (think “pounding the pavement”), heavy weightlifting, and extreme CrossFit style workouts can take a toll on your leg veins despite being great for fitness.

Nashville vein treatment options for active people

You might think after reading this article that prescribing regular exercise for vein health might be counter-intuitive. But moderate physical activity is one of the best ways to boost circulation and promote healthy veins throughout life. In fact, we commonly encourage exercise that is appropriate to a patient’s level of fitness to help ease vein disease symptoms and to maintain the effects of vein removal in Nashville after treatment.

Vein care in Nashville is tailored to each patient, because everyone has different goals, lifestyles, desires, and pre-existing medical conditions that have to be considered. Dr. Tif Siragusa performs a complete venous evaluation and assessment at a free consultation at our center so that you can determine the severity of your vein disease and discuss your best options.

For more information about our vein treatment options and to schedule your consultation, please give us a call at 615-777-0744. We look forward to helping you get back to your active lifestyle.

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