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logo - 2013-11-08 00:08:29
Vein Expert in Nashville Swollen Legs & Ankles Interview

An Interview with a Vein Expert in Nashville about Swollen Legs & Ankles

One of the most frequent complaints we hear at Siragusa Vein and Laser Center is about swollen legs and ankles. Because there are a lot of questions about this common side effect of vein disease, we’ve asked our own vein expert in Nashville, Dr. Tif Siragusa about swelling. What...
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Vein Expert in Nashville on Vein Health and Diabetes

Vein Expert in Nashville on Vein Health and Diabetes

People with both diabetes and vein disease are at a particularly high risk for skin problems. Keep reading to learn what a vein expert in Nashville says about this abominable combination. What do Hermitage residents need to know about varicose veins and diabetes? There is a...
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How to Prevent Varicose Veins in Nashville

Bad to Sit, Bad to Stand — What Should I do to Prevent Varicose Veins in Nashville?

Many people sit or stand for a long period of time, particularly at work. Some people sit for hours at a desk, on a long commute, or in front of the TV. Others stand at a cash register, waiting tables, or working outdoors. While sitting can be relaxing and standing tends to be...
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Nashville Vascular Doctor: Overweight Damages Veins

Ask a Nashville vascular doctor: I’m Overweight. Am I Damaging my Veins?

One of the major factors that contribute to varicose veins is being overweight or obese. Luckily, a Nashville vascular doctor such as our own Dr. Tif Siragusa and his team can help eliminate problem veins and help you make the changes necessary to maintain healthier leg veins and...
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Vein Care in Nashville: How to Relieve Leg Pain

Vein Care in Nashville: How to Start Getting Relief for Leg Pain

For many people, vein disease can be a much more severe problem than just bulging varicose veins. If you’re currently suffering from complications of vein disease, such as leg pain, bleeding ulcers, and swelling, you know just how uncomfortable dealing with this condition can be....
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Nashville Vein Specialist: 3 Things Caused by Swelling1 04:53:14

Nashville Vein Specialist: 3 Things That Could Happen if You Have Swollen Legs & Ankles

Your legs may feel tired and swollen after a long day of standing. While this buildup of fluids is not a medical emergency, it can signal an underlying circulatory issue such as vein disease, which can lead to more serious complications if left untreated. Keep reading to learn...
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istock_000006762083_large - 2016-10-19 14:35:25

Nashville Vascular Doctor: Three Ways to Improve Your Vascular Health Today

If you remember anything from grade school about human biology, you know that your circulatory system is made up of a network of blood vessels that transport blood throughout your body. Arteries and veins, along with a few other vessels, carry blood laden with oxygen and other...
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How to Prepare for your Appointment with a Vein Expert in Nashville

It’s natural to be anxious before your first appointment with a vein expert in Nashville. In fact, many people suffer from “white coat syndrome”. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make your vein disease treatment in Nashville a more positive experience—and a lot less...
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