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Healthy 4 Life Expo

11108189_10153453062069920_7665446034692353400_nDr. Tif Siragusa will be on “More at Midday” on Nashville Channel 4 tomorrow between 12pm-1pm promoting the Healthy 4 Life Expo this weekend at Music City Center.  To be held in Music City Center, Nashville, Wsmv Channel 4 Healthy 4 Life Expo aims to promote dynamic services as well as booming tourism packages that will contribute to the healthy living services. Healthcare professional and specialists gathering in this expo will welcome in this meeting to present their views regarding healthcare and fitness. Moreover thousands of health conscious viewers from different parts of world will assemble in this expo to take look at the display made. It will present reports dealing with health issues and fitness services. Various business opportunities will be offered to the participants in this expo that will help them to expand their business.

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