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Nashville Vascular Doctor: 3 Ways to Improve Your Circulation Right Now

Nashville Vascular Doctor: 3 Ways to Improve Circulation

Nashville Vascular Doctor: 3 Ways to Improve Circulation

Good circulation keeps your leg tissues healthy by bringing nutrient-rich blood and carrying away waste. In fact, good circulation helps keep your whole body healthy. You can improve the circulation in your legs by living a healthy lifestyle and seeking varicose and spider vein treatment in Nashville when appropriate. Keep reading to learn how to boost your circulation right now.

#1 – Physical Activity

Getting regular exercise such as walking, biking or swimming is important for overall health and wellness. But our Nashville vascular doctor suggests that even if you do exercise most days, sitting or standing for too long during the day can undo all that hard work and dedication. It’s important to move around during the day to keep your blood flowing, even if it’s just taking a walk to the water cooler now and then.

#2 – Blood flow-friendly clothing

You should wear properly fitting, low-heeled, comfortable shoes whenever possible. High heels, pointy-toes, and tight-fitting shoes hinder circulation in your legs and feet. Wearing a too-tight waistband can also impede circulation, so avoid anything that creates a ‘muffin top’.

Another thing you can wear to promote circulation is compression hose. They’re specially designed to gently squeeze your legs in all the right places to assist the vein pump and move blood upward. We can help you find the right compression hose for you.

#3 – Healthier lifestyle habits

Being overweight or obese is one of the major risk factors for developing varicose veins. So by losing weight, you can help reduce the strain on your veins and make their job a little easier. Smoking is also detrimental to your veins as well as your whole body. Smoking causes your veins to lose elasticity and increases your risk for blood clots, which can cut off circulation entirely.

Sometimes varicose veins are beyond lifestyle change. You can seek help from one of the best vein doctors in Nashville, such as Dr. Tif Siragusa, for easy treatment options that improve circulation and promote overall health. To find out if vein removal in Nashville is right for you, call us at 615-777-0744.

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