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Nashville Vein Specialist: 3 Things That Could Happen if You Have Swollen Legs & Ankles

Nashville Vein Specialist: 3 Things Caused by Swelling

Nashville Vein Specialist: 3 Things Caused by Swelling

Your legs may feel tired and swollen after a long day of standing. While this buildup of fluids is not a medical emergency, it can signal an underlying circulatory issue such as vein disease, which can lead to more serious complications if left untreated. Keep reading to learn why you should seek the help of a Nashville vein specialist for swollen legs and ankles as soon as you can.

Three things Hermitage residents should know about swollen legs and ankles:

  1. Because vein disease affects the ability of your veins to efficiently move blood out of the lower body, it can cause a lot of problems. And these problems typically worsen over time. Many patients experience swelling at the end of a day at work, especially in times spent for long hours standing. This is one of the early signs of swelling caused by vein disease, and the best time to seek vein disease treatment in Nashville.

At this stage, some of the best vein doctors in Nashville recommend elevating your legs above heart level when you get home or while lying down at night, perhaps on a stack of pillows. This helps the fluids drain back to the upper body and ease some of the pressure in your legs and ankles.

  1. We understand that when vein disease progresses, the swelling is harder to manage, and your legs may feel achy, stiff and painful. Getting regular exercise is another highly prescribed treatment for vein disease and helps to reduce swelling, although most people with this problem aren’t exactly excited to exercise with swollen and uncomfortable limbs.

In these cases, we often suggest patients wear compression stockings. They’re wonderful for gently squeezing the calves and encouraging blood flow to reduce swelling and help you feel more like moving around.

  1. Finally, we recommend getting varicose and spider vein treatment in Nashville early on to 1) get rid of these issues, and 2) prevent permanent skin damage and ulcers that can develop if the swelling is ignored.

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