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A Nashville Vein Specialist Explains Why Varicose Veins Are Scarier Than You Think

Nashville Vein Specialist: Why Varicose Veins Scary

Nashville Vein Specialist: Why Varicose Veins Scary

If you have multiple bulging, bluish varicose veins, you already know how scary your veins appear. Recently, one of our patients explained that her primary reason for seeking vein disease treatment in Nashville was because her varicosities reminded her of something out of a horror movie. Although this sounds funny, as vein experts in Nashville we know that varicose veins are no laughing matter. Continue reading to learn why varicose veins are scarier than you might think.

Nashville patients tell us their frightening experiences with varicose veins

Varicose veins can be scary in many ways. Another patient came to us looking for relief from her varicosities. Indeed, she had several large, ropey varicose veins and a great deal of spider veins that gave her legs a disturbing appearance. But this patient complained of the side effects of said leg veins. In addition to the look of her veins, her legs and ankles were swollen most of the time, which caused her so much pain that she was no longer able to walk her beloved dog beyond her own front yard. She stated she was becoming depressed and lethargic, feeling “trapped” inside her own home and body.

THAT is scary!

Varicose veins are a visible symptom of something scary—vein disease

Often, varicose veins are the result of a condition known as chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). People who are overweight, over age 50 and those with a family history of varicose veins are at a greater risk of developing problem veins; however, anyone can develop them. Dr. Tif Siragusa, our Nashville vein specialist, knows that vein disease can affect your health and life in many scary ways, no matter the cause.

The good news is that we offer fast, effective, and pain-free options for combatting varicose veins and associated symptoms. So, come see us for a complimentary venous evaluation with Dr. Siragusa to see just how not scary varicose and spider vein treatment in Nashville can be. Schedule yours at 615-777-0744.

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