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Nashville Vein Treatment: DVT and Compression Treatments

Nashville Vein Treatment: DVT & Compression Treatments

Nashville Vein Treatment: DVT & Compression Treatments

Compression stockings are recommended to help prevent DVT from developing in veins in Nashville. The gentle squeeze of the stockings keeps your blood moving and discourage clots from forming in the first place.

Still, blood clots happen

Blood clots in the leg usually require immediate vein care in Nashville. But even after getting successful Nashville vein treatment for deep vein thrombosis (DVT), many patients continue to suffer from leg pain and swelling. This is why Dr. Tif Siragusa, our Medical Director and well-respected vein specialist, recommends patients continue to wear compression stockings following treatment.

Wearing compression stockings following DVT treatment may:

  • Improve pain and swelling after DVT
  • Reduce pain and swelling caused by post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS)

Graduated compression stockings are specially designed to decrease or prevent swelling, by encouraging circulation to help keep fluids from building up.

Despite compression therapy, compression stockings don’t prevent PTS from developing. These chronic complications following DVT develop in nearly 40% of people with DVT and can range in severity. Some of the common symptoms of PTS can include:

  • Chronic swelling in the affected leg
  • Chronic discomfort such as pain, heaviness or tiredness in the leg
  • Skin changes such as hardening or discoloration
  • Skin ulcers

Even if compression hose can’t prevent PTS, it may be just the thing you need to feel better by reducing pain and swelling in your leg.

Are you at risk for DVT?

If you have a family history of DVT, currently have varicose veins, are overweight, female and take birth control pills, live a sedentary life style, or are a smoker, you are at risk for developing blood clots. Come see our Nashville vascular doctor for a complimentary venous evaluation by calling 615-777-0744. It just may save your life.

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