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Are There Systemic Side Effects Following Vein Laser Surgery?

Systemic Side Effects After Vein Laser Surgery

Systemic Side Effects After Vein Laser Surgery

If you’ve ever had any kind of surgery before, you know that side effects are possible. Even if you’re just having a cavity filled at the dentist, you have to sign a consent form or liability waiver that explains all the possible side effects or consequences of the treatment. Vein laser surgery for getting rid of unwanted leg veins is no different. Like any procedure, there is some risk involved.

What are the systemic risks of getting surgery with vein laser in Hermitage or Nashville?

On the whole, surgeries for vein removal in Nashville are among the safest, most effective surgeries available to modern medicine. These surgeries are minimally invasive, which is to say incisions are minimal. Unlike traditional surgeries, these procedures are done on an outpatient basis and are guided by ultrasound technology. They do not pose risks from general anesthesia (because none is needed), and they require little no recovery period.

If you’re waiting for the bad news, you’ll likely be disappointed

In fact, the systemic side effects of vein laser surgery are actually only long-lasting benefits. These surgeries improve the appearance of bulging and discolored spider and varicose veins. You’ll gain more energy and feel better overall because your circulation will be improved. If you’ve struggled with embarrassment or felt self-conscious about your leg veins, you’ll find that you’ll look better and hopefully feel better about your appearance.

The best and most overlooked side effect of vein treatment is having improved overall health. Vein disease can make you more prone to inactivity, obesity, heart disease, and stroke, but vein treatment can help reduce those risks. Surprise—you may actually live longer!

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