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A Vein Specialist In Nashville Discusses How To Start Treating Swollen Legs and Ankles

If you experience swelling in your legs and ankles from time to time, this is normal. In most cases this is a temporary condition, caused by an injury such as a sprain, and goes away quickly. But if the condition persists over time and becomes chronic, it could be a symptom of a...
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A Nashville Vein Specialist Explains How the Internet Can Deceive You About Vein Disease

A famous writer once quipped, “The Internet is wonderful…you can find information about anything there. And some of it is even true.” Anyone who has ever attempted to track down facts about something on the Internet is faced with the accuracy of this statement – you...
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Are Varicose Veins Affecting Self-Esteem?

Many people are unhappy with their varicose veins and rightly so. Purplish twisted veins are unsightly and embarrassing at best and can lead to medical complications over time. Shame from carrying around varicose veins causes many people to feel negatively about themselves and...
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Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms treated by Dr. Tif Siragusa

Vein Expert in Nashville: Siragusa Vein and Laser Center Discusses Diagnosing and Treating Arterial Disease

Most people know as little about arterial disease as they know about vein disease, and sadly this lack of knowledge of its symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment lead to literally millions of deaths per year, most of which could have been avoided. In this article we’ll explore...
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New Nashville Vein Treatment to Restore Healthy Legs

How to Know If You Have Varicose Veins

Everyone’s heard of varicose veins and you probably know someone who has them. Affecting over 30 million people, these bulging problem veins are quite common and highly treatable. But varicose veins aren’t always easy to detect without the help of a vein expert in Nashville. Read...
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Why the Experts at Siragusa Vein & Laser Center Know Seeing a Vein Doctor is a Good Idea

Does the thought of seeing a doctor terrify you? Or maybe you think getting treated by a spider and varicose veins doctor in Nashville is a frivolous expense that you don’t need. If either of these statements applies to you, one of the best vein doctors in Nashville explains why...
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Pregnancy and Varicose Veins in Nashville

Siragusa Vein and Vascular publishes article the importance of vein treatment

November 14th, 2013. Nashville, TN. The Siragusa Vein and Vascular Center has published a new article on their website explaining why delaying varicose vein treatment could be a matter of life and death. Many people think varicose veins are merely a cosmetic problem, the...
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