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logo - 2013-11-08 00:08:29
5 Little Known Facts About Varicose Veins in Nashville

5 Little Known Facts About Varicose Veins in Nashville

It’s not hard to find basic information about varicose veins. Many people understand that bulging bluish leg veins are embarrassing and can lead to some bothersome side effects. But there is more to varicose veins than meets the eye. Here we share 5 little known facts about...
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Vein Expert in Nashville: Thrombosis & Insufficiency

A Vein Expert in Nashville Discusses the 2 Main Types of Vein Disease: Thrombosis & Insufficiency

When people think of vein disease, they often think of spider and varicose veins. But there is much more to vein health than cosmetic nuisances. In fact, unsightly leg veins are just a symptom of an underlying condition. According to Nashville vein specialists, there are two main...
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Nashville Vascular Doctor on: How Veins & Arteries Work Together to Maintain Healthy Blood Flow

The cardiovascular system is a biological wonder that is highly complex yet extremely efficient. Despite your heart only being about the size of a fist, it can pump 5 liters (nearly 1.5 gallons!) of blood each minute through your nearly 60,000 miles of blood vessels! Your...
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Vein Expert in Nashville: 5 Things You Can Do to Improve Your Vascular Health

The major cause of death in the United States is cardiovascular disease, or CVD. There are numerous risk factors that can increase your chances of developing this deadly disease, such as having high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The good news is that there are things you...
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Nashville Vascular Doctor: Vein Health & Heart Disease - 2015-05-15 11:15:47

Vein Health & Heart Disease From The Perspective Of A Nashville Vascular Doctor

Heart disease is a blanket term that refers to any of the multitude of conditions that can affect your heart, such as arrhythmias, heart defects and coronary artery disease, among many others. Vein disease too is a catchall term for the conditions that affect the veins, which are...
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Why Nashville Vein Specialists Make the World Better - 2015-04-24 13:14:06

Why Nashville Vein Specialists Make the World Better A Better Place

If you are suffering from any of the symptoms and complications of vein disease, such as pain, swelling, or blood clots, it is certain that the education and care provided by Nashville vein specialists can make your life better. But what can vein doctors do to improve on the rest...
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Nashville vascular doctor - 2013-09-09 22:24:41

Vein Clinic In Nashville: 10 Facts About Vein Disease You’ll Want To Share With Your Friends

Unsightly bulging veins and other symptoms of vein disease are embarrassing and unpleasant at best, so it is little wonder why so few people talk about vein disease in everyday conversation. While it is true that revealing your vein problem to your friends might be awkward,...
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DVT Consequences

What Does Leg Discoloration Mean? A Vein Expert In Nashville Explains

With so much to do and see in Nashville, no one has time to worry about leg discoloration. Wondering where it came from and how to get rid of it can take away from your ability to enjoy the pleasant things in life. In case red or scaly legs are worrying you, a vein expert in...
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