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Dr. Siragusa at Siragusa Vein & Laser Center Gives Expert Interview on Rising Incidence of Young Women Treated for Blood Clots

October 3, 2014. Nashville, TN. Dr. Tif Siragusa, lead vein expert at Siragusa Vein and Laser Center in Nashville, recently spoke to NewsChannel 5 about the rising incidence of young women who are being seen in Emergency Departments with dangerous blood clots. According to health...
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Nashville Vascular Doctor: Overweight Damages Veins

What Diagnostics Are Performed in a Vascular Lab?

You may suffer embarrassment from the cosmetic concerns of unattractive bulging vein problems, varicose veins, and spider veins, but these can be a sign of underlying vein disease that can lead to threatening complications, such as blood clots, as time goes on. To protect your...
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Vein Expert in Nashville: Thrombosis & Insufficiency

A Nashville, TN Vein Doctor Explains the Consequences of Advanced Stages of Vein Disease

Vein disease has an undeserved reputation for being merely a cosmetic problem. While issues such as spider veins and chronic swelling can affect the way your body looks, there is much more to venous disease than aesthetics. If left on its own, vein disease can develop into a...
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Nashville Vein Treatment: DVT & Compression Treatments

What Conservative Options do Nashville, TN Residents Have for Vein Treatment?

Painful bulging vein problems often require treatment, but not everyone is excited at the thought of undergoing a vein procedure. While today’s technology has resulted in minimally invasive treatments that can be completed quickly and easily, they are not the right choice for...
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DVT Consequences

A Nashville, TN Vein Doctor Describes Potentially Dangerous Deep Vein Thrombosis

Most people think of vein disease as only involving aesthetic issues such as varicose veins and spider veins. However, Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) refers to a type of blood clot in the legs, which can develop as a complication of venous insufficiency or vein disease. People with...
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A Nashville, TN Vein Doctor explains the risk factors for spider veins and varicose veins

If you have varicose veins or spider veins, you are not alone. Varicose veins and spider veins can strike all kinds of people, across most ages and both genders. In fact, about 50-55% of women and 40-45% of men in the US have some kind of vein problem. What do Nashville, TN...
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pad - 2013-08-14 22:43:50

What Nashville, TN Residents Need to Know About Arterial Disease (PAD)

Healthy arteries carry blood to the legs freely, but unhealthy arteries can be blocked by the buildup of waxy or fatty deposits called “plaque.” Plaque is made up of cholesterol, calcium and fibrous tissue. This buildup of plaque is called “hardening of the arteries” ...
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normalvsdilated - 2013-08-14 22:38:12

Spider Veins vs. Varicose Veins

People who suffer from vein problems often believe that spider veins and varicose veins are just different names for the same problem. The fact is, however, that they are two different conditions which happen to look and feel similar to the individual suffering from them. Getting...
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