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Problem Veins in Nashville: How Swollen Legs and Ankles can Impact Your Overall Health

If you are experiencing unexplained swollen legs and ankles, you might want to think about vein disease. Vein disease is a very common condition that affects about 40% of women and up to 20% percent of men over age 50—more than half of the adult population in that age group!...
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Differences in Spider and Varicose Veins in Nashville

Seeing A Nashville Vascular Doctor For Leg Pain Or Weakness

Do you suffer from leg pain and weakness? The leg muscles that do not receive adequate amounts of blood and nutrients can experience weakness and pain in the legs. According to Dr. Tif Siragusa, a top Nashville vascular doctor, there are several vascular diseases that can deprive...
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How to Prevent Varicose Veins in Nashville

Nashville Vein Doctor: Dr. Siragusa’s Approved Home Treatments for Varicose Veins

The purpose of treating varicose veins is to alleviate uncomfortable symptoms, heal unfortunate complications and improve the look of unsightly veins. But varicose veins do not always need medical intervention. If your varicose veins are not causing you discomfort, or if your...
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