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Vein Care in Nashville: How to Start Getting Relief for Leg Pain

Vein Care in Nashville: How to Relieve Leg Pain

Vein Care in Nashville: How to Relieve Leg Pain

For many people, vein disease can be a much more severe problem than just bulging varicose veins. If you’re currently suffering from complications of vein disease, such as leg pain, bleeding ulcers, and swelling, you know just how uncomfortable dealing with this condition can be.

What Nashville residents need to know about getting relief for leg pain

The first thing you need to do to begin to find relief from leg pain is make an appointment for a consultation with a Nashville vascular doctor such as our own Dr. Tif Siragusa. Your first appointment is important because it’s when we evaluate your condition and discuss treatment options to target the underlying disease that’s causing your discomfort—and it’s the first step toward lasting relief.

The treatments we typically perform are either minimally invasive or conservative therapies that improve circulation and ease pain. Our minimally invasive treatments are outpatient surgical procedures that essentially eliminate the affected veins so that your body can redirect blood flow to healthier veins. We also often recommend compression therapy to patients who aren’t ready to undergo surgery, and for those who want to find some relief while waiting for their vein care in Nashville.

Things you can do to get pain relief right now

Until you’re ready to schedule your consultation at our vein center in Nashville, there are a few home remedies that might alleviate some of your discomfort. If appropriate, you can try over the counter pain medication such as ibuprofen. Propping up your legs on a stack of pillows can help reduce swelling and ease pain.

Another effective, yet counterintuitive option, is to exercise. While it may not be comfortable to move around, even just going for a walk helps increase your vein pump and improves your circulation.

Want to know more about getting rid of leg pain? Let us take care of your veins in Nashville. Call us at 615-777-0744.

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