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Vein Expert in Nashville on Vein Health and Diabetes

Vein Expert in Nashville on Vein Health and Diabetes

Vein Expert in Nashville on Vein Health and Diabetes

People with both diabetes and vein disease are at a particularly high risk for skin problems. Keep reading to learn what a vein expert in Nashville says about this abominable combination.

What do Hermitage residents need to know about varicose veins and diabetes?

There is a buildup of pressure inside varicose veins that can deteriorate the skin and fatty tissues surrounding them. This irritation causes itching, which is often the first sign of a problem. Over time, rashes, chronic swelling, and skin texture and color changes (which can be permanent) can occur, as well as ulcers that are difficult to heal and prone to infection.

The elevated blood glucose levels associated with diabetes alone can affect tissues in the skin, nerves, and arteries too, which can lead to additional issues. Gangrene, slow-healing wounds, and ulcers are common problems associated with uncontrolled diabetes.

When people with diabetes also suffer from vein disease, the combined effects of these conditions on the veins and surrounding tissues can significantly increase the risk of complications. If there is major arterial disease as well, it can become quite difficult to treat the varicose veins in Nashville without first addressing the arterial problems.

Nashville vein treatment options for patients with diabetes

If you’re suffering from both diabetes and vein disease, seeking vein care in Nashville is even more urgent than developing varicose veins without pre-existing conditions. And the sooner you seek treatment, the easier the affected veins will be to treat, as well as maintain. If you suspect you have vein disease, please take the time to schedule an appointment for a vein screening with Dr. Siragusa by calling us at 615-777-0744. We look forward to seeing you!

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