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Dr. Tif Siragusa is one of the top vascular doctors in Nashville, and the chief vein specialist at Siragusa Vein and Laser Center.

Dr. Siragusa graduated with his Medical Degree from The University of Texas in 2001. Having a passion for Surgical Patient Care, he continued on to complete postgraduate residency training in General Surgery at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, Texas, serving as Chief Resident during his final year.

Seeking a higher level of Vascular and Endovascular training, Dr. Siragusa completed fellowship training in Vascular & Endovascular Surgery at The University of Arkansas Medical Center.  He is Fellowship trained in the management of vascular disorders with expertise in minimally invasive interventional treatment of vascular disease.  During his fellowship training he fine tuned his skills in diagnosing and treating all vascular conditions including varicose veins, carotid artery disease, abdominal aortic aneurysms, and peripheral arterial disease. Dr. Siragusa obtained General Surgery Board Certification in 2007 and Vascular Surgery Board Certification in 2009 immediately following the completion of his training.

Upon finishing training he relocated to Nashville after being recruited by Summit Medical Center in 2008 to establish a regional Vascular Surgery Center to serve the needs of the community.  After working for HCA for four years, he decided to expand the practice and started the Siragusa Vein & Vascular Center of Nashville–today the Siragusa Vein and Laser Center. Dr. Siragusa now has an office in Hermitage on the Summit Medical Center Campus as well as an office in Nashville at 28 White Bridge Pike, Suite 200.

Dr. Siragusa Trains Other Vein Doctors

Dr. Siragusa is one of the best vein doctors in Nashville, and one of the most respected vascular experts in his field.  Other vein centers around the region send their doctors, nurses, and sonographers to Dr. Siragusa to learn advanced, non-invasive vein treatment techniques.